Elias-Axel Pettersson

Duo Giocoso

Duo Giocoso began as a project proposal in 2007 concentrating on the great violin-piano repertoire under the guidance of Paul Stewart. While searching for a violinist, Elias heard Roland Arnassalon in a masterclass and was immediately taken by his sound and musical presence. As they rehearsed, a friendship and musical partnership formed, aided by their shared artistic vision and joviality. The name Duo Giocoso, suggested by a friend, seemed apt in conveying their personalities and musical ideas. Since 2008, Duo Giocoso has performed to great acclaim throughout the greater Montreal area.

Duo Giocoso would sincerely like to thank Paul Stewart, Anne Robert, Vladimir Landsman, and Jean-Eudes Vaillancourt for their time, musical expertise, and artistic inspiration; without their guidance, our recording would not have been possible.